Leadership Lab


Leadership Lab is a forum for the exploration and discovery of personal and leadership excellence. 

Although a true laboratory setting cannot be fully experienced in an electronic environment, our web-based lab will leverage several of the key principles, concepts and processes used from actual Leadership Lab sessions with the goal of further developing your leadership skills and capability.  Additionally, where the actual Leadership Lab setting ends, the website continues to explore and share leadership concepts to help others discover their true potential and create the most full version of themselves -- a model of personal and leadership excellence.

This website is focused on achieving excellence.  This excellence focus is both an attitude (or mindset) towards life and our life’s pursuits as well as the products, services or results we create.  The development and support of an excellence mindset and approach is a primary objective.  As one of my favourite quotations illustrates “Many have the will to win, but few have the will to prepare to win”; the materials contained here helps to develop the “will” to prepare.

I wish you well on your exploration of personal and leadership greatness and hope that you never wane in your pursuit of excellence -- there really is no other way!


Where to find me:

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Leadership Lab

“Many have the will to win, but few have the will to prepare to win!”

“Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”

“Fear... don’t give in!”